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Danish Conductor Mogens Dahl (born 1953) attracted his first nation-wide attention as conductor at The National Opera Choir, Aarhus from 1991 - 2006. A long list of choirs and orchestras has since benefitted from his musical leadership. Including the Danish and Swedish radio chamber choirs and the Danish regional symphony orchestras. He graduated as a conductor from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and also took a degree in Musicology at the University of Aarhus. Studied conducting by Eric Ericsson (Stockholm), Tamas Vetö (Copenhagen), Michael Schønwandt (Copenhagen), Jorma Panula og Eri Klas (Helsingfors).

Dahl was the Artistic Director of The National Opera Choir, Aarhus from 1991-2003, and founded The Jutland Chamber Choir in 1982. This web site is mainly dedicated to this period of Dahl's activities in Aarhus.

In 2005 Mogens Dahl had the chance of his life time: He founded his own concert hall, Mogens Dahl Concert Hall, in Copenhagen. The only privately held concert hall of its kind in Scandinavia. He also leads his own professional chamber choir.

Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir is a professional ensemble consisting of 16 classically educated singers from across the Nordic Countries. Today it is one of most renowned classical ensembles in Scandinavia. The ensemble already has a wide range of acclaimed concerts and CD recordings behind it, among others a nomination for the P2 Prize.

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