Mogens Dahl



music by
Karl Aage Rasmussen

lyrics from
Vladimir Majakovskijs skuespil "Vladimir Majakovskij"

Mogens Dahl

Lennart Hansen

Jens Klastrup

Mette Birch

performers include
Carl Chr. Rasmussen
Jesper Buhl
Jørn Pedersen
Yvonne Schouenborg
Vibeke Krogsgård
Ensemble Fyn

The press wrote about “Mayakovsky”

Jens Brincher/Berlingske Tidende 21.09.97

It would be difficult to point out a more meaningful, carefully worked through and, in the best sense of the word, professional opera performance in Denmark today than The Funen Opera's "Mayakovsky". The man who pulls the strings, conductor Mogens Dahl, is not content with accompaniment; he keeps the many diffuse forces together with an impressive overview and great authority.

Jan Jacoby/Politiken 01.10.97

"Mayakovsky" is not only refined, piquant and quite amusing, but it is also characteristically shaped by conductor Mogens Dahl and the seven-person ensemble of The Funen Opera. The music in "Mayakovsky" follows the text in clearly defined scenes, each with its specific atmosphere, vividly articulated and played with sweeping energy.